Kerela Mega Jackpot Lottery

Games like lottery are not legal in India, but according to the Government of India Act 1998, it is said that this game is legal in some states of India. But if this lottery game is run in any state then the government wants it. Only then can it run officially in its state. One of which is the state of Kerala where lottery game was started for the first time under the authority of the government. It is said that Kerala was the first state in India where lottery was introduced in the government sector to provide business to the lower class people and to supplement the government finances. When lottery started in this state in 1967. At that time, the price of each lottery ticket was Rs 1 and the first prize amount of that ticket was Rs 50000. The objective of this lottery ticket was to collect an amount of Rs 20 lakh through sale in 1967. The headquarters of Kerala Lottery Department is in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala. Here, draws for different lotteries are held on daily basis, seven days a week. In the competitions organized, there are separate lottery tickets for seven days. Along with this, four bumper lottery tickets are also issued on some special occasions throughout the year. Kerala lottery ticket result is released every day at 3 pm. This lottery ticket is available at the official authorized agent stores of the government.

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